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Network regulations

Dear users!

XataNet is not just a provider that grant global Internet services. We are a home network. And these are very different things, though they may have something that looks the same at first glance, but it’s not.

First of all, we remind that the administrators are not work and not answering machines, which are not bastards and extortionists, they are the same people as you, the users. We just have more rights and privileges online. First of all, we are designed to follow the order and help you solve your network-related issues. Always remember that your question may have already been discussed and first look for an answer to your question in the forum.

To prevent the network from becoming chaos and landfill, there are NETWORK RULES that we would like to inform you about.

The rules are non-negotiable.

Ignorance of the rules does not relieve you of responsibility!

The basic rules of the XataNet network

1. Attempt to seize someone else’s account or personal account – fine: 500 UAH.
2. Use of network scanners of vulnerabilities of any type (http, PHP, CGI, port scanners, sniffers, scanners to collect information about the remote host, etc.). – fine: 1000 UAH
3. Attempt to gain unauthorized access to XataNet LAN hardware or software – fine: UAH 1000 and disconnection from the network without the right to re-enable.
4. If an infected computer is detected on the network, which could be a potential risk for infection of other computers, it will terminate access to the network until final recovery.


When you connect to the network, you also take responsibility for the performance of your computer. Your computer has access to the network and to the global Internet as a whole. To avoid any security issues, follow these tips:

– Be sure to install antivirus software, regularly update their databases, and perform a full scan of your entire computer;
– Be sure to install patches on Windows XP Service Pack 1 from the most dangerous network worms Sasser and Lovesan. They are already included in Service Pack 2 and require no additional installation.
– Optionally install firewalls, advise Kerio or ZoneAlarm, this will reduce the likelihood of “left” Internet traffic and missing money from your personal account.
– NEVER open folders for recording online, this is a huge potential risk of infection of your computer. Windows has many vulnerabilities associated with Shared Folders, and many malicious programs use them to propagate and propagate. Use a secure FTP protocol to secure your PC and upload information to the network. For this there are a lot of programs under Windows. (GoldenFTP, Sever-U, Visnetik FTP, etc.)
– Remember, you are not alone in the network, and there may be some who simply destroy the files and documents that are of value to you.
– The security of your PC is an indicator of your computer literacy, aimlessly wasting your money, and civilized networking.Thank you in advance for your understanding and compliance with the XataNet network policies.

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