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Additional Services

Service Name Unit Cost
Departure of the crew to perform additional work once once 50 UAH.
Diagnosis of customer PC breakage UAH / h 50 UAH
Replacement of connector RJ-45 point 10 UAH.
Replacement of optical connector point 50 UAH.
Replacement of network card with installation of 1 piece 100 UAH.
Setting network settin 1 PC 30 UAH.
Setting up the WiFi router 1 router 40 UAH.
Allocation of a personal real IP address month 30 UAH.
Work on laying UTP cable on the customer’s apartment UAH/m 5 UAH.
Additional openings around the house 1 pc 5 UAH.
Repair and replacement of damaged cable UAH/m 5 UAH.
Transferring the line to another address (if possible) ONU is transferred from the old address to the new, old cable is dismantled, to the new address the cable is up to 150 meters. once 300 UAH.
Installation of software on customer’s request (from customer’s carrier) UAH/h 50 UAH.
Cleaning PC from malware UAH/H 50 UAH.
Fiber optic welding once 50 UAH.

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