Replenish by card/check

You can top up your online account by paying off your card or check . Click on “Refill” button or go to your personal account, enter your login and password and top up your account.

Replenishment voucher points:

Points of sale of cards without commission:

  • st. 39 Tovariskaya st., Continent shop, computer engineering department (second floor);
  • st. Tovary 39, "VARUS" shop, department of accessories, opposite cash desks (9:00 to 19:00);
  • Str. Rustavi 1d, Apelmon Shop (former Bonus) mobile communications department (from 9:00 to 20:00 without breaks and weekends);
  • st. Bratska 50, Zorya shop, confectionery department, from 9-00 to 22-00;
  • st. Rosenthal, magician. Twenty, noon and weekends, weekdays from 8-00 to 22-00, weekends from 8-00 to 23-00.

Points of sale of cards where the commission is 1 hryvnia:

  • st. Panteleimon Kulish 46, mag. "Products", without lunch and weekends, work time from 8-00 to 22-00;
  • st. Rustavi, Julia, island. Rustavi, hours of work around the clock;
  • st. Zachinyeva, 29, Bridge Shop (former Gourmet # 18), from 8-00 to 20-00;
  • intersection of streets: Closes and Dneprovskoe highway, "Kiosk", from 7-00 to 22-00;
  • st. Istomin, 167 A, Prodline shop, 7-00 to 21-40.