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About the company

XataNet – an Internet service provider, confidently entered the market of Internet access services in the private sector of the city of Zaporozhye on the right bank. Thanks to the new GPON (GigabitPON) technology, XataNet enables its subscribers to access the network at unprecedented speeds – up to 1 Gbps with guaranteed quality.

GPON technology involves the replacement of copper cables for optical ones, in which the signal is transmitted by light, not electrical, pulse directly to the subscriber’s apartment, which provides not only reliability but also high speed of data transmission at low energy costs. And this, in turn, guarantees to XataNet subscribers a constant speed of Internet access eliminating disruptions in work due to network congestion.

GPON is by far the most advanced and promising communications technology in the area of Internet access, able to meet the rapidly growing need for information sharing speeds and the potential to support the development of communications technologies in the future. The new speed standard allows you to talk about the prospects of replenishing and expanding the services provided to XataNet subscribers.

A fundamentally new standard for Internet access speeds - up to 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps)

High quality connection and steady speed without gaps

The ability to connect all services remotely through a single remote terminal

Application for connection

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