Internet connection 0 UAH

1.The terms of the promotion apply only to new subscribers (individuals) residing in the private sector in the coverage area of HATANET ZAPORIZHIA LLC. Subscribers residing in the private sector previously connected, as well as subscribers with valid, terminated or terminated contracts, may not participate in the promotion.

2. The promotion is valid throughout the coverage of HATANET ZAPORIZHIA LLC.

3.The essence of the promotion offer: all subscribers who have left the application for connection in the period from June 20, 2019 to August 14, 2019, are entitled to connect to the network according to the following rules: The cost of connection to the network is 0.01 UAH. The price includes all work on laying the cable to the entrance to the subscriber’s house (up to 150m.). If it is necessary to carry out cable laying work indoors, the cost of such works shall be individually agreed.

4.To obtain the service using GEPON technology “Optics in the house” The operator provides to the subscriber the final equipment for the term of using the Service – ONU GEPON subscriber terminal.

5. By subscribing to promotional conditions in accordance with the applicable rules, the subscriber unconditionally accepts and undertakes to fulfill the following obligations:
1). Making a down payment of UAH 500.00 prior to the beginning of the service, which will be used to pay the monthly fee according to the selected tariff.
2). Mandatory use of the Internet access service within 24 calendar months from the moment of connection. Obligation to provide passport copies when connecting.
3). If the subscriber connects to the service in the middle of the month, the billing of the first month is carried out in proportion to the balance of the number of days used in that month of the service.
4). Provide a scan of your passport with a valid passport at the connection address.

6. In case of refusal to use the Service, the subscriber shall:
1) Return of ONU GEPON subscriber terminal provider in good and complete condition.
2) In case the device cannot be returned or its equipment is incomplete, or the device is defective, it will compensate for its cost in the amount of 800 UAH.
3) In case of refusal to use the services earlier than 24 months from the beginning of using the services, it shall pay to the Operator compensation of the costs related to the cost of connection work in the amount of 1200 UAH.

7. The Provider reserves the right to change the terms of this promotion, including: and changes in the subscription fee in the promotion tariff, changes in the terms of holding the promotion and all other rights related to the mechanics of the real promotion.

8. The Provider reserves the right to refuse to provide the service without explaining the reason or failing to observe these rules, as well as all other rights.